Brian Falduto

Selected as “one of the 20 most influential, outspoken, and optimistic individuals on the planet” by PrideLife Magazine, Brian Falduto came into prominence after playing the role of Billy, nicknamed Fancy Pants by Jack Black in the cult classic film School of Rock. Now as an adult, he’s transformed into a bonafide gay country artist destined for superstardom.

His participation in School of Rock had a major impact on his coming of age having been so publicly visible as different but yet too young to come to terms with his sexuality. “My story is one of what happens when we try to label something we don’t understand in order to avoid our own
discomfort,” says Brian, a now-out-and-proud LGBTQ advocate. He has traveled the country performing and speaking at Pride events, sharing himself vulnerably and offering hope to countless young people. Brian penned a pivotal essay about his journey in The Advocate and shared
his lessons in a viral video for NowThis.

Brian has shaken social media with the release of the viral “Same Old Country Love Song,” an LGBTQ+ country music anthem for those previously left out by country music and the lead single for Brian’s debut album Gay Country; the deluxe version of which arrives June 7, 2024 and features songs “Big Boys Club”, “Hottest Guy Here”, and his popular cover of Dolly Parton’s “Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That”.