Carolyn Marosy rocking it out onstage

Celebrating over thirty years in music and activism, and the release of her new EP: “Loners, Misfits and Rebels”, Carolyn Marosy is thrilled to return to the NJ Pride Main Stage, having previously graced this stage with 2 other singer/songwriters. In her solo debut, she is joined by Elena Mac (bass/vocals), Joe Mac (guitar/vocals/keys) and drummer Vinny Sardo.

Carolyn Marosy’s music is rooted in rock and roll and influenced by punk, blues and folk.

Growing up in East Rutherford, NJ, Carolyn spent time as a side-guitarist for many singers and bands. In 2020, she decided to delve into her own writing and went into the studio with platinum selling record producer Barb Morrison, to record her newest material- a 4 song EP, “Loners, Misfits and Rebels”. This EP celebrates the circle of life, and honors uniqueness, and individuality through the power of rock and roll.

“Loners, Misfits and Rebels” is available now for download on iTunes, and Spotify, Amazon Music and most streaming platforms. The CD release is available at live performances and exclusively through