Talia Keys

“Talia is an activist-musician who has laid a loyal local foundation in Salt Lake City clubs for over a decade, and later made her name on national tours and jam festivals from coast to coast. Keys’ vintage ethos, as well as her trademark fire and brimstone stage presence, are an amalgam of her journey, identity, influences; a new twist on the rock n’ roll troubadour singing songs of struggle and ultimately, triumph.”

“Like so many soul and blues heroines who have paved the roads before her, Keys writes and sings of the tensions that continue to plague our cultural climate. As a queer woman in todays divided America”, she’s on a mission to tenaciously deliver an uplifting message while fiercely advocating for the underrepresented. “It’s a badge of honor that Talia wears with pride, and infuses into her art.”

B. Getz – Live For Live Music