Sunday, June 5th
Noon-6pm, rain or shine





(Times and lineup subject to change)

Suzanne Westenhoefer – Emcee 12:50 PM
Lady Celestina 1:00 PM
Josh Zuckerman 1:15 PM
Bank of America 1:40 PM
Moment of Silence / Benn 1:45 PM
Politicians 1:50 PM
Rich Hennessy 2:00 PM
Friday Nite Specials cast 2:25 PM
Robert Bannon 2:45 PM
Gia Woods 3:10 PM
Miss Gay NJ 2022 3:40 PM
Christine Martucci & The Band of Love 3:45 PM
Brody Ray 4:35 PM
Janice Robinson 5:15 PM

Janice Robinson

Not only is Janice Robinson a Jersey Girl, born and raised in Garfield, she is an international singer/songwriter, who rose to fame as the lead singer in the 1990s Italian Eurodance group Livin’ Joy, before embarking on a solo career. The group had a number 1 global hit around the world with ‘Dreamer’, in which Robinson wrote and recorded the track. In the early to mid-2000s, Robinson took a long hiatus, had two daughters and also cared for her ill parents. In 2015, Janice teamed up with award-winning producer DJ David Morales and released ‘There Must Be Love’. The track was a huge hit and reached number 1 on the US Billboard Dance Charts. In 2018, Robinson made headlines when she auditioned for The X Factor with her hit “Dreamer”. She surprised the judges when she revealed to the world that she wrote and recorded the single. In 2022, Robinson began dropping new music. The first single called ‘Essex Girls’ with British rappers who used the verse of ‘Dreamer’ was released in January and a brand new version of ‘Dreamer’ was released in February. Janice is “excited to reach a whole new generation” of fans who love her music. Learn more about Janice at

Janice Robinson
Gia Woods

Gia Woods

Gia Woods is taking the LGBTQ community by storm. Through her music, she’s inspiring many from the community to embrace their own identity. Growing up in a strict Persian household, Woods struggled to find herself. But through music, she was able to express herself in ways she never thought were possible. She released her debut single, “Only a Girl”, in 2016. The song served as her coming out song. Since then, Woods has been a voice to many going through the trial and tribulations of finding their true identity. Gia is going to be dropping a huge lesbian anthem in June. She will be debuting it at PRIDE!!!! Learn more about Gia at

Suzanne Westenhoefer is a home-grown treasure!  While she was born in Pennsylvania, she spent much of her early life growing up in NJ. Suzanne is historical and hysterically funny!  The first openly lesbian comic to ever appear on television on Sally Jesse Raphael’s 1991 episode “Breaking the Lesbian Stereotype – Lesbians Who Don’t Look Like Lesbians”, Suzanne is also part of Jersey Pride’s storied history, as our first ever headliner and Emcee! Suzanne is a woman of her word who has returned for JPI’s biggest anniversaries, she now hosts our 30th Anniversary celebration! If you think we’re biased, Meredith Baxter says “She is a forceful memorable talent”.  Doria Biddle of Sirius XM says “Her shows should come with a warning label, advising audiences to bring oxygen.” Don’t just listen to famous people, come spend the day with the biggest, funniest heart in the business.  Learn more about Suzanne at

Suzanne Westenhoefer
Brody Ray

Brody Ray – One of the hardest working men in the business, Brody Ray’s journey to the man he is today has spanned continents and gender to bring his passion to the fore. Born and raised in Kearney, NE, Brody did all the things boys do – run around in diapers and cowboy boots singing at the top of his lungs with a guitar, and kicking his mom’s car seat in McD’s drive through to get the right toy. But Brody was born female.  He began his transition in college and part of the struggle was losing his voice as his body and voice adjusted to the weekly testosterone injections.  Recovering his voice, sounding on the outside as he did inside, his music has Alternative Rock with pop that’s full of his life and energy.  Once he was on America’s Got Talent, even Simon knew a star when he saw one!  Will Brody play Simon’s request “Wake Your Dreams”?  There’s only one way to find out!  Learn more about Brody at

Rich Hennessy – Originally from Carteret, NJ and currently based in Nashville, TN, Rich can’t wait to return to Jersey to play for his family and friends as a member of the LGBTQ community. Rich has made a name for himself by performing and writing empowering, thought-provoking anthems that inspire change.  His first recording was a cover of the 1980s anthem “You’re The Voice” that was released just prior to the 2020 election.  It earned him a slot on iVoted’s livestream and inspired a partnership with Drag Out The Vote.  Seeing the power of his music, he began writing original songs: “Enough,” that chronicles his “love/hate relationship with America” that is so in need of change in the wake of COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Hennessy’s newest single, “Keep Your Love,” his most personal song to date, depicts his inner conflict as a gay man raised in the Christian Church. Says Hennessy, “I want my music to be an agent of change.” Learn more about Rich at

Rich Hennessy
Christine Martucci

Christine Martucci & The Band of Love – Ten year Army veteran Christine Martucci is excited to return to the Jersey Pride stage, having played many times for our event. She has refined a style that marries both raw grit and tender warmth akin to Janis Joplin and Chrissie Hynde. She is at home as part of the historic music scene of Asbury Park and her grass-roots following of loyal supporters have dubbed themselves the “Tucci Train”.  An award winning musician, Out Music’s Best Song for “There You Are” among them, she has been featured in Curve Magazine, the Coaster, and of course The Jersey Gaze.  Whether touring the country opening for national recording acts including Gavin DeGraw, Michele Branch, Patty Smythe and Scandal, and Mountain, performing as Janis Joplin or playing her original songs, she feels like she’s coming home whenever she plays in Asbury Park. Learn more about Christine at Photo by Tonette Madsen

Robert Bannon is a true Jersey boy, living here his whole life. A Juilliard student, he has performed in various musicals such as “Rent,” “We Will Rock You,” and “My Big Gay Italian Wedding.” You may have seen him on SNL, The Real Housewives of NJ, at Madison Square Garden, the Beacon Theatre with Patti LaBelle, 54 Below, and more. He also tours the country with his solo show “Rewind.”  Currently the host of The Roundtable on YouTube, where he interviews stars of stage and screen each week, his debut album “Unfinished Business” charted #1 on the Amazon New Release Chart for Pop Music featuring “I Think He Knew” by Matt Gould & Griffin Matthews.  When Robert isn’t performing, he teaches 5th grade in North Bergen, NJ. For more information about Robert visit

Robert Bannon
Friday Nite Specials

The Friday Nite Specials Cast has been performing and providing the full-classic Rocky Horror Picture Show experience for the past 20 years, and are incredibly proud to be returning to Jersey Pride in Asbury Park for their second year performing and tenth year marching. The cast can currently be found doing the Time Warp again at Basie Center Cinemas in Red Bank NJ the 1st, 3rd (and if there’s a 5th) Friday of every month! For more information about the Friday Nite Specials visit

Josh Zuckerman is a Jersey Pride favorite for his big heart and his bigger music! No stranger to Asbury Park New Jersey, this Pop Rock Musician, Singer & Songwriter, brings you intoxicating new original music that fits any generation! His latest single music video “prey” has had over 60k views. Talk about manifesting! Josh released his latest CD, Gone With The Music, 10 original & intoxicating songs featured Drummer Thommy Price & Hall of Fame Bassist Gary Ryan of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the same musical idols he gives props to for wanting to play music in the first place!  You owe it to yourself to see Josh Zuckerman live – there’s nothing like it!  Check Josh out at

Josh Zuckerman

Lady Celestina – Do you love drag?  Do you love beautifully dramatic performers?  Then The Lady Celestina is your cup of tea!  This fabulous Asian-American drag queen is a Jersey girl through and through!  Her love of drag started with the education and prevention work she was doing with Project Real in Asbury Park.  She did one of her first drag looks with a top hat and it completed the look, then the next time she went out, someone said “OH!  You’re the one with the top hat!” and she decided then and there that her outfits would be built around that signature look.  Her custom top hats and fluid fashions are only the frame for her talent – in her interview on she says “I always try to take performing and treat it like you’re seeing a little clip of a Broadway show.”  Lady Celestina, take us where you will! Feel free to follow her journey on Instagram @theladycelestina or by searching the top hat emoji.

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