Who do I contact with any questions?
First check the FAQ to make sure we haven’t already answered it. Then you can email Jen at or Kate at


How much does it cost?
Please note the following prices for the event:

Business / For-Profit Vendors
Corporate/National Business: $300
Small Business: $160

Non-Profit / Organization Vendors
Large Non-Profit: $150
Merchandise Sale: $100
No Merchandise Sale: $60
All Volunteer Non-Profit: $30

How can I pay?
We accept payment through PayPal, credit card, and check.

What is the security deposit for?
The $50 security deposit check is to ensure that everyone follows the Vendor Rule and Guidelines and respects the festival grounds. You may pick up your security deposit check at the end of the event at the same place as check-in.

Vendor Rules and Guidelines:

What add-ons are there?
Tent rental-$150: 10×10 space placement under a professionally installed circus-style tent.
Table Rental- $25 each: Tables are approximately 8ft long.
Wristbands-$12: 2 wristbands come automatically with the application, however, if more are needed, you may purchase them at a discounted price.


When/Where is check-in?
Check-in is from 6:00 am to 10:30 am at the corner of 5th Ave and Kingsley Ave. (Across from the Asbury)

What is a Vendor Number (VN)?
Your vendor number is not your space number but is designed to help you during check-in. It is written in your confirmation email. Use it at check-in to expedite the process. It will begin with NFO or OGO.

If you are not sure what your VN is please email or

How do I find my space?
Upon check-in, we will give you your space number and one of our volunteers will take you to your space.

How many wristbands do I get?
Every application comes with 2 free wristbands, however, you can purchase additional ones at a discounted price in the application.

How do I unload?
Early birds may take advantage of parking along 5th Avenue for unloading purposes, please respect paid parking spaces.

Before 10:00 am, you may unload your car along Kinglsey Avenue in a drop-and-go type manner. You will receive a tag with your Vendor number on it to place on your dashboard. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR ON KINGSLEY AVENUE. Once you are unloaded please follow handicap and paid parking signs to relocate your vehicle.


When can I check out?
You may check out after 5pm.

Where is Vendor Check out?
It is at the same place as check-in, the corner of Kingsley Ave. and 5th Ave.

Security Deposit
Upon check-out, there will be a space inspection to ensure no damage or leftover trash. As long as that is true and there wasn’t an issue with guidelines, your security deposit will be returned to you.